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By Saqib Malik

Published: Fri 22 April 2022, 10:29

With social media becoming commonplace for all generations, the number of “content creators” is also on the rise. Many people, young and old, are quitting their jobs to become content creators or influencers. In fact, there are over 50 million content creators on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and other social media platforms.

While there’s nothing wrong with content creators, the world also needs more inventors and entrepreneurs. Travis Killian is exactly that. Killian has always been passionate about creating and distributing products that can actually help as many people as possible. Killian’s focus is admirable as he is sincerely driven to iterate and innovate until he finds a product that truly improves consumers’ everyday lives. Killian is relentless when it comes to the quality and value of its products.

Killian knows that in order to reach and help as many people as possible, he must not only work to produce a high quality and highly effective product, but also find creative and clever ways to distribute those products. Killian understands that no matter how valuable a product is, if the consumer doesn’t know it, the product can’t help them. That’s why Killian was an early adopter of e-commerce. In fact, Killian is one of the most successful Amazon marketers in history. Killian would prove ahead of his time, as experts estimate the e-commerce market to reach $5.55 billion by the end of 2022.

As the founder of Upper Echelon Products, Killian uses all his skills in product research and creation to bring so many high quality, life-enhancing products to market. The Austin, Texas-based company is the sole manufacturer and marketer of at least eight top-selling products under Killian’s leadership, all of which have trademarks. Beginning with innovative American-made umbrellas with the Repel and Rain-Mate umbrellas, Killian and Upper Echelon Products would go on to manufacture and distribute Cafe de Chateau coffee makers, Le Chateau wine decanters, Flux Phenom magnetic screen doors, Triton dog leashes, LumiLux toilet light and Everlasting Comfort memory foam blankets, seat cushions, footrest pillows and ultrasonic humidifiers.

As Killian Products and Upper Echelon continue their commitment to creating high quality products that are extremely valuable to real people in their daily lives, the company is sure to succeed. Regardless of e-commerce, retail, social media or web 3 trends, the commitment of Killian and Upper Echelon products will always benefit the consumer.

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