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U.S. Foods Holding Corp. (NYSE: USFD) today announced the launch of Spring 2022 Scoop™. Themed “Do more with less,” Spring Scoop offers 18 versatile and innovative products combined with a variety of inspiring menu ideas developed by US Foods product innovation and culinary experts. Nearly 60% of restaurants have adapted to pandemic constraints by reducing their menus. 1 Today, operators must increase the number of menu offerings to attract customers returning to pre-pandemic dining habits, while continuing to manage labor shortages and other challenges operational. To help operators meet these demands, Spring Scoop offers products designed to help operators easily expand their menu while maximizing labor costs and inventory efficiency.

“As part of our promise to help foodservice operators succeed, we welcome the opportunity to provide the most innovative products to attract and retain diners while solving a variety of shared pain points in kitchens” , said Stacey Kinkaid, vice president of products. development and innovation for US Foods. “We understand the challenges operators face when looking to bring new options to the menu, and Spring Scoop makes it easy to expand menus with versatile products that can be used in many recipes on an operator’s menu. . Items reduce background prep time, save pantry space by creating inventory savings, and help operators deliver cost-effective menu solutions. »


Diners are looking for creative and tasty offerings that can add a subtle twist to the traditional. Spring Scoop offers a variety of tasty, differentiated and versatile solutions for newly inspired or existing menu offerings. Products include:

  • Monarch® Green Chickpeas: A vibrant color and a touch of softness to enhance hot or cold applications. Green chickpeas can be used to create colorful hummus, roasted for a healthy snack, or added as a salad topping.
  • Hilltop Hearth® Cilantro Chickpea Wrap: A wheat flour wrap made with chickpea flour. The wrap offers about 4 grams more protein per serving than traditional white flour tortillas. 2 Seasoned with cilantro, the wrap is ideal for quesadillas, burritos, enchiladas and fusion dishes, or thinly sliced ​​and fried as a topping for a salad or protein bowl.
  • Del Pasado ® Mango Peach Salsa: This product adds crisp acidity with a bit of heat and sweetness to any dish and eliminates the prep required for homemade salsa, saving up to 30 minutes of labor per case. With uses beyond fries and dips, salsa can be used for soup, ceviche, salad, marinades or sauces in hot or cold applications.
  • Chef’s Line® Korean BBQ Sauce: The popularity of Korean barbecue in the United States has grown 40% over the past four years and continues to rise. 1 The bold, umami-rich flavor of this sauce means a little is enough, extending the life of each bottle and eliminating 20 minutes of labor per case compared to creating a sauce from scratch. Endlessly versatile, the sauce can be used as a glaze, dip, marinade or finishing sauce for meat and vegetable dishes.
  • Hilltop Hearth ® Pub Bean Burger Bun: Made with spent grain flour — an ingredient derived from brewing beer — this bun is the company’s first item certified by the Upcycled Food Association. Upcycled ® products help prevent food waste by transforming food destined for landfill or non-food uses into new applications, allowing operators to offer customers more sustainable options.


With the growing number of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diners, Spring Scoop introduces several new items that can help operators accommodate alternative diets and restaurant preferences across a variety of menu offerings. Additionally, these products provide upselling opportunities for the operator.

  • Chef’s Line® Black Bean Burger: Fiber-rich black bean patties bring a Southwestern flavor to any dish. They can be used as a vegan burger patty, made into a meatless meatball, or fried for a unique take on falafel. Each case eliminates 45 minutes of work compared to creating a similar offer from scratch.
  • Glenview Farms® Vegan 3.4 Mozzarella Style Shredded: This plant-based, vegan alternative is perfect for chefs and diners looking for a delicious, authentic-tasting mozzarella substitute. This alternative cheese browns like a traditional dairy cheese in the oven and can also be baked to make another crispy cheese or used on pizzas, omelets, salads, burgers or pastas to provide diners with enhanced vegan choices.
  • Glenview Farms® Vegan Cheddar 3.4 Style Slices: A vegan, plant-based alternative to cheddar cheese that appeals to all diners looking for a tasty addition to their sandwich or burger that mimics the real thing. Alternative cheese slices work for both hot and cold applications and can be used for sandwiches, plant-based burgers, paninis, or cheese sauces like creamy vegan queso or vegan cheddar macaroni.
  • Glenview Farms® Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert: Made from just five simple ingredients, including USDA Certified Organic Coconut Milk, which delivers a decadent mouthfeel and subtle flavor. Serve in a sundae or sandwiched between cookies, this vegan dessert offers an upselling alternative to traditional ice cream.

In addition to finding advice and inspiration in Spring Scoop, operators can also book a consultation with US Foods chefs and restaurant operations consultants at Experts are industry veterans with decades of restaurant experience and are available on the operator’s schedule. Operators can also register here participate in society “Do more with less” webinar hosted on the Company’s website on March 22, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. CST.

Learn more about Spring Scoop on the company’s website at

1 Essential data.

2 Compared to flour tortilla in USDA FoodData Central.

3 No ingredients of animal origin. Reasonable efforts to avoid cross contact with ingredients of animal origin.

4 Made with ingredients derived from plants, fungi and algae; no ingredients of animal origin. Reasonable efforts to avoid cross contact with ingredients of animal origin.

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