Weekend Special: 5 Lip-smacking Keema Recipes That Scream Indulgence

For foodies, the weekend is all about gorging on all the “sinful” dishes we crave throughout the week. We stick to a healthy diet on weekdays, so we can let loose on the weekends! Non-vegetarians take this opportunity to indulge in all the meat specialties they can get their hands on, be it chicken, mutton or fish. If you’re planning on indulging in mutton this weekend, we suggest you try making keema at home! With these five delicious recipes, you can get a lip-smacking restaurant-style keema from the comfort of your home.

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5 Keema Recipes That Spell Weekend Indulgence

1. Sheep Ka Hara Keema

Mutton ka hara keema, when served on the streets of Mumbai, is paired with soft ladi rolls and relished as a perfect lunch or late night snack. Unlike the usual mutton ka keema, hara keema is made with a refreshing, herbaceous paste of coriander and chilli.

Click here for the full Mutton Ka Hara Keema recipe.

2. Pizza Keema

Keema pizza is perfect for meat lovers; pizza covered with juicy and spicy minced meat, will surely win you over. All you have to do is replace the classic pizza topping with keema masaledaar and top it with cheese!

Click here for the full Keema Pizza recipe.

3. Keema Roll

If you like to eat the kathi rolls that are served on the streets, then this roll might be perfect for you. Rather than having the generic chicken stuffing, this roll has a keema masaledaar stuffing, adding a delicious twist to the street food roll.

Click here for the full Keema Roll recipe.

4. Tandoori Aloo Keema

As the name suggests, this dish is a fantastic mix of chopped potatoes and keema. It is made with a rich blend of spices, which makes it even more indulgent. Plus, the tandoori flavor of this dish will have you coming back for more!

Click here for the full Tandoori Aloo Keema recipe.

5. Keema Cobblestone

Keema and Pav is an exotic non-veg combination that will feast your heads on nothing but delicious taste and fiery ingredients. Juicy minced keema made with a pool of fiery spices and stuffed into the soft mushy patty, this street food is one of a kind.

Click here for the full Keema Pav recipe.


Try these keema recipes and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below.

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