Young_Wellz Launches First Black-Owned NFT Design Agency and Education Platform in Philadelphia, PA

PHILADELPHIA, PA/ACCESSWIRE/May 20, 2022/ Wellington Kiiru, also known as Young_Wellz, launched the first black-owned NFT design agency and educational platform, which creates, manufactures and markets NFTS for entrepreneurs. Wellington says the company makes it easy for artists and visionaries to turn their masterpieces into selling propositions. 10kNFTSource aims to help customers and students entering the metaverse become confident with their NFTs and go beyond crypto to maximize their collectible values.

Clients and students of 10kNFTSource NFT’s design and teaching services range from fashion designers to restaurateurs, as opportunities expand with growth potential for creatives. With 10kNftSource, customers can create their own custom NFT design.

Empowering customers with the creative potential that harnesses the power of NFTs offers multiple lucrative solutions for students. From basic character design to bringing NFTs to market, Young_Wellz and his team of tech enthusiasts at 10kNFTsource. bring to life the world of every customer’s imagination.

Since the metaverse platform has become the dominant form of showcasing artistic talent followed by the monetization process, “our agency stepped into the picture to do their job with the intention of making NFTs accessible to everyone, including low-income minority communities, as we have done. has partnered with top performing crypto artists and enthusiasts who help clients and students build, design, build, tokenize and market their digital assets into creative NFTs.

“We’ve mastered the art of bringing characters to life and furnishing them to stand out in the cryptocurrency universe,” Young_Wellz mentions. “We are the first full-service, black-owned NFT agency in Philadelphia. Clients are invited to rely on our unparalleled creativity, design and marketing services to help them sell their NFTs to the big players.

10kNFTsource is proud to not only be black owned, but to bring imagination into something the world appreciates and fights to collect. Confident in their own African American talent, 10kNFTsource continues to define the future of every customer’s art with the power of NFT. Plus, the company’s renowned blockchain artists, designers, and developers take the imagination to the next level to ensure that every customer is ready to start making money from their artistic ideas with a one-of-a-kind NFT agency.

The cost of NFT artwork is less than what freelancers offer on average. An appreciable number of variations and an unlimited number of revisions in the most affordable price range. Something that only 10kNFTsource offers in the market.

With social media promoting the benefits of NFT ownership, the procedures established by 10kNFTSource form the basis for developing unique NFTs for entrepreneurs entering the metaverse. Wellington adds that a clear vision and creative design are key to promoting successful NFTs. Either way, all the work it takes to understand their client’s vision for their NFT design will allow 10kNFTSource’s clients to scale flash critical development.

For more information about Young_Wellz and its services, visit: 10NFTSource and to learn more about its Marketing Accelerator, visit: @Young_Wellz

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